University of Amsterdam, Social and Behavioural Data Science Centre, Workshop Grant2024Bayesian methods for the social sciences IIM. Marsman, E.-J. Wagenmakers2,500 EUR
European Union, ERC Starting Grant2022-2027A new Bayesian foundation for psychometric network modelingM. Marsman1,500,000 EUR
University of Amsterdam, ABC Project Grant2022-2023More than the sum of parts: Exploiting the synergy between psychological and brain networksM. Marsman, A. G. Schrantee, T. F. Blanken250,000 EUR
University of Amsterdam, UMH Project Grant2020-2024Developing a network theory of addiction and depression in an urban populationR. J. van Holst, M. Marsman, J. Luigjes, A. Goudriaan440,000 EUR
Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research, NWO Veni Grant2018-2021The psychometrics of learningM. Marsman250,000 EUR